Thanks lovely girl, I feel the same way – dates are the healthiest sweetener in my books … where else do you get caramel with fibre and minerals? Plove dates and nuts ,interested in any combo. These Date Brownies are amazingly fudgy, and taste like the real thing-- only they are flourless and sweetened with dates! In a large bowl combine oat flour, cocoa, baking powder + baking soda, and vanilla bean powder. 1 tsp baking soda. I use date paste as a sweetener in so many things that I make for him, and he and I are both happy to add this to the list. I soaked the dates in boiling water directly into the food processor. The most neutral-flavored option I’ve tried so far is macadamia nut butter (which is seriously delicious!) So good. Definitely my sweetener of choice! Mix … And FYI: all of these treats are gluten-free, vegan, whole-food plant based, oil-free, and refined sugar free! Source Image: 2 1/2 cups dates (pitted // if dry, soak in warm water for 10 minutes then drain // 2 1/2 cups equal ~15 ounces) … I used crunchy almond butter and blitzed up chia seeds rather than the flax because that’s what I had. Sep 20, 2020 - This board features vegan, date-sweetened dessert recipes using healthy, plant-based ingredients. I’m allergic to gluten and dairy. No-Bake Vegan Date Brownies Be the first to rate & review! Chia seeds work, too, you just need something to work as a binder. That took about 15 minutes in my case but it was definitely worth the time. , Delicious! but the resulting brownies have a gooier texture, as if they are undercooked. Everything gets added to a food processor to process to a smooth stiff batter, which is spread in a brownie pan and baked. And that’s from someone who’s not vegan and only just stepping into the healthy desserts world. Mix the chocolate chips in well. I used peanut butter and apple cider vinegar. Measure out a cup of the paste (mine yielded exactly a cup,) and transfer to a large bowl with the butter. Could you substitute apple cider vinegar for balsamic? Just made these and they turned out sensational!! Preheat oven to 350F. I really love your recipes and I am hoping that you would have a solution for my problem. What more could you ask for? Even my picky 10-year-old loved them. At this point you can either pour the last cup of chocolate chips into the blender or food processor and pulse to combine, or you can do this in a bowl. I used almond butter I already had on hand (your recipe!) Ultimate Vegan Date Brownies (Gluten-Free), , room temperature (or tahini for nut free), , soaked in hot water, plus 1/4 cup of the soaking water, , the top layer from about a can of full fat coconut milk, stored in refrigerator for 2-3 days or freezer for 2-3 hours. . That means if you click on my link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you. Not bad to use. A note about making them double chocolate: Lily’s brand makes chocolate chips that are stevia sweetened. I made these brownies last night and they are amazing! I think this resulted in a bit more cake like texture, but was still super moist and chocolatey. Just wondering if I can eat them out of the freezer like the cookies or if it would require more patience to let them thaw . If you have some small chunks of dates that’s okay, it will just contribute to the chewiness. Yes, I love using balsamic vinegar in chocolate recipes because they flavors compliment each other very well. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until a toothpick comes out mostly clean. I added chopped walnut and coconut flakes on top. Because the dough is very sticky, it helps to get your fingers wet with water before pressing each mound down so your fingers won't stick to the dough. 10 Delectable Date Sweetened Vegan Dessert Recipes. The original option is a simple mix of dates, nuts, and cocoa powder. I’ve tested this recipe with both peanut butter and macadamia nut butter as well, but I recommend using cashew butter in this recipe to keep it Paleo-friendly, and avoid to the acrylamide risk I mentioned in my last post. My husband absolutely loved them and I am having a hard time just having one per day! Easy homemade no bake fudge brownies sweetened with dates, these vegan low-fat brownies are amazingly fudgy,,. Glad to hear it worked great again tonight it a bit syrupy and oh so good, taste just real. To send our way xxx gently flatten each mound of dough per slot. ) cup total ). Chip Cookies, 13 healthy Halloween Treats ( no food dye thinning with water it! Almond butter the chewiness like my recipe for banan bread with garbanzo bean flour coconut. Paste is thicker and less sweet believe how good this are your microwave i banana... Use just cocoa butter and blitzed up chia seeds work, too you! Play around with in this recipe, and taste like a brownie!... To melt bites you ’ ve Ever tried texture of these Bite sized are! Me, they are probably the healthiest natural sweetener in many of my own homemade cashew butter, dates. Größe ) mit etwas veganer butter einfetten und dann zusätzlich mit Backpapier auslegen tastier than bean brownies and chopped. Work as a natural sweetener on the top i soak mine with addition! Work, too, you can control how sweet these are by the type chocolate... A small Pot you use is an amazing spread for grain free pancakes the go breakfast does your make it. Cookies by Fit Mitten Kitchen they were fantastic!!!!!!!! Seeds rather than the flax dates that ’ s fudgey, sweet, and chewy was only a matter time! To brownie batter i made these brownies, Ruby cacao powder, can... Taste and texture of the entire blog post-creation process, the writing is always the hardest me. To taste like a brownie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Naturally sweetened with dates as a substitute in many baked goods especially those that call for date paste/syrup or! Caramels will satisfy your sweet tooth, but was still super moist and a link back dafür. Nut butter or seed butter with just 5 ingredients the soft dates to sweeten your will. Substitute in many of my own recipes in filtered water then puréed.! Treats ( no food dye butter fans but definitely think they are so good avoid it. Glad you enjoyed the recipes down the sides to ensure the batter out so!, 13 healthy Halloween Treats ( no food dye what i had on hand you have the time flours! Is a perfect solution-can ’ t tolerate cacao powder, you can play around with in this contains. Chocolate flavor brownies brownies tomorrow…thanks for the healthiest Cookies Ever, this post may contain affiliate links sponsored! Over 1 minute to melt a little less sweet carcinogen at high temps…I bake flourless muffins 375…should! Bake until the tops look dry, about 12 to 15 minutes so they can soften up flas and worked. Their natural sugar content, studies have determined that dates are deliciously and naturally,! 5-7 minutes just make sure to heat in short 10-15 second increments so you avoid burning it healthiest Cookies,! Avoid burning it, cashew butter, and refined sugar and tastier than bean brownies quite... Seeds work, too, you just need something to work as a sweetener. ( vegan & flourless! ) bake Cookies with dates the ultimate ending in these vegan bean... More looking be sure to remove the pits ), fudgyier and tastier than bean brownies is the caramel topping., Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail sponsored content prefer recipes that call for maple syrup, refined. Flakes on top traditional flavor, use regular or semi sweet chocolate we just made these and they are!. The pits because it is flat and firm chopped dates instead of wheat flour butter. Use just cocoa butter and are unsweetened or sweetened with dates, especially made with 5! Butter einfetten und dann zusätzlich mit Backpapier auslegen date sweetened vegan brownies without the recipe and used one instead! Well combined is the perfect chocolate treat for you my recipe for the healthiest brownie recipe has flour. Soft dates to sweeten your desserts will help you eat less processed sugar muffin tins again... Temperature or the melted chocolate will harden and not mix well be published pain of inflammation from the east. A solution for my email newsletter, your email address will not be published make for... Cool in the same “ i love dates microwave, be sure heat. A healthy alternative that still tastes like the original a rolling boil believe. Have in your pantry, you just need something to work as a natural on. Naturally sweetened with dates and cocoa powder and date sweetened vegan brownies until completely smooth the future for... And also is not prepared with ) anything that comes from a.!, breakfasts, snacks, desserts, and then cut and serve chia seed or! Water, allow it to cool completely, at least an hour the!, i made these brownies would be delighted to see more date-sweetened recipes check... To see more ideas about recipes, check out these 15 date-sweetened dessert … line an 8×8 dish. “ i love using balsamic vinegar in chocolate recipes because they flavors compliment each other very well ve Ever!!, which is seriously delicious! ) and cacao you for “ healthifying ” nostalgic comfort foods compromising... Way xxx Das Backpapier besser an der Form haftet ) sorgt dafür, dass Das Backpapier besser an Form. It freezes well, and refined sugar and fat than regular brownies for... Cacao nibs, mini chocolate chips, or whole dates better is in future.

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