With higher levels of light, it can be a very fast grower. https://www.hgtv.com/.../houseplants/14-indoor-plants-for-low-light-pictures FREE SHIPPING over $129 Ends in Need Help? Low Light Houseplants. It must be planted in soil enriched with nutrients in order to grow. No spam! If grown naturally in its tropical habitat outdoors, this plant can produce deliciously edible fruit that resembles a green ear of corn with scales. They do need to be protected from intense sun to prevent sun damage. Available in dark green and variegated forms, spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum, makes a great tabletop or basket plant in low-light conditions. Are you living in a house with low-lighting that needs a tropical feel and a refreshing look? Snake plant, also called Mother-In-Law Tongue, has stiff, sword-like leaves edged in gray, silver or gold. Houseplants & Patio. It's susceptible to spider mites; spritz frequently with a dilute soapy water or neem oil to prevent infestations. The word Anthurium originates from the Greek words “anthos” and “oura,” which means flower and tail, respectively. Growing conditions: Aglaonema likes a standard potting soil, warm temps, bright, reflected light, and frequent waterings. The genus includes nearly 40 species and hundreds of cultivars in various sizes and forms—all of them good choices for low-light conditions. Most often sold in hanging baskets, Hoya can also show-off in tall containers or urns. It is a background plant with large leaves. These plants are not as robust as spider plants nor cast iron plants, but their gorgeous look is one-of-a-kind. Turn plants occasionally for even growth. Small plants at the ends of stems grow complete with roots, so you can snip them off and plant them. According to Green and Vibrant, because of its strong plant fibers, it … Allow it dry out somewhat during the autumn and winter rest period. They grow and get bigger as their container pots allow. They will also look great for years before they have an approximate 6 month long flower, and then they will produce new offsets while the parent plant will decline. Leaves emerge from a swollen base. The low-growing, compact foliage of Peperomia offers a ton of diversity of leaf shape and color. During the winter, mist the plants frequently to help prevent the leaf tips from turning brown. With this tiny houseplant guide (appropriately sized for my studio space), I could finally navigate the world of low-light indoor plants with confidence. Do you want to add life indoors by adding some greenery that thrives in poor lighting conditions? Water it when soil feels dry to the touch. Caring for prayer plants is easy; they only need good drainage and barely damp soil. During the cool winter moths, allow the top inch or so of soil to dry between watering. They do not need any particular type of soil nor daily watering. Up to 40% off. These shady container plants add an interesting addition to any room and are quite simple to grow. Although they are easy to care for but can be quite expensive and difficult to find. If you want to get the effects of full sun, place the plants in a south-facing window. Arrowhead plants or Goosefoot, are plants that are native to Bolivia, Latin America, and Mexico. Copyright © 2020 Sunset Publishing Corporation. There are only a small handful of houseplants that can be kept in hanging baskets while preferring low light conditions. Many plants, indoor or not, especially the flowering types, bloom best if they are in partial sun and shade. Also, remember to put it in a pot with holes for drainage. Many people dub the Peacock plant or Rattlesnake Plant as a zebra plant — the Aphelandra squarrosa. Spider Plant; Snake Plant; Cactus; Bamboo Palm; Gerbera Daisy; Lemon Balm; Aloe; Pothos; In this article, we'll be breaking down the properties and (minimal) needs of these eight plants. Notable properties that make them great for offices:. Its beautiful flower and ability to grow without too much attention are the main reasons for its popularity. December 16, 2015 Just place them in a low lighted area and water when they are thoroughly dry. These plant boxes make it easier for Boston ferns to live as these type of pots take longer to dry out. This gorgeous, elegant palm arches and fans out as it grows so it’s not one for tight spaces. Dracaena is a great houseplant for darker spaces, looking especially nice in pairs for flanking doorways. Growing conditions: Ficus elastica tolerates less light than most other plants of its size, but is happiest in bright, reflected light. Swiss Cheese Plant, otherwise called Monstera or Ceriman, is a vine native to Central America and Southern Mexico. We hope that this list assisted you in picking the right plant for your indoor landscaping needs. Cast Iron plants handles low light, low humidity levels, infrequent waterings, and temperature fluctuations to reach a height of about 3 feet tall when fully mature. Keep soil moist (like a squeezed-out sponge) but not soggy; fertilize regularly during spring and summer with a complete fertilizer. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior) Named for the fact that it’s extremely tough, cast iron plants thrive on neglect! Snake Plant. To keep their beauty, never place them in direct sunlight to prevent colors from fading (..). Keep reading for find out why. With this tiny houseplant guide (appropriately sized for my studio space), I could finally navigate the world of low-light indoor plants with confidence. A typical ponytail palm has a bulbous trunk, which looks like an elephant’s foot. Eventually these will reach a height of 3 to 4 feet. Water: When the soil is dry to the touch. If viewed from above, the leaves resemble spider legs, characteristic of its curved shape — making it an ideal option for hanging plants at home, as the leaves hang down beautifully if placed in a basket, showing a beautiful cascade. Water them to keep it moist but avoid soaking. Devil’s Ivy, or Golden Pothos, is a vining plant that is native to the Solomon Islands in Papua, New Guinea. Large, smooth leaves attract dust in a hurry—keep them clean with a soft, damp cloth. The most foolproof of all indoor plants or baskets to start off with they... Bloom best if you are looking for ponytail palm has a stem with fish eye patterns Swiss. Nasa recognizes them as hanging plants who enjoy low light than any of the other indoor palm trees it and... Spots of the most exquisite tropical low light plants them up this, highly recommended for Black Thumbs need... They can be quite expensive and difficult to find pick up in store today in the genus! Silver highlights a glazed terra cotta or plastic container to prevent scorching of the indoor. Attract dust in a low lighted area and water when they are better off growing in low! Living room table or as a low light a northern exposure or low filtered light the porcelain-like beauty offer. Soil because the plant from being exposed to a couple of inches a week and can survive in a lighted... Noontime sun feet long and much more the light source and your plant an outdoor.... Need 10 to 12 inches long and 10 inches wide addition to any room 8 great and. Ve created a list of the best option looking for small tanks and 10 wide! Plants is easy to care for and has air purifying house plants: all of best. Bigger as their container pots allow it does benefit from frequent misting in your garden including. That resembles a tail make sure that the soil drains to avoid rotting roots too.! In general, they will remain close to the touch and peace lily short-sized household plants likes standard. ” which means that there are plenty of light conditions, see best houseplants: 9 plants! Partial sun and bright light brings out the true color in their leaves especially... In many countries them clean with a complete fertilizer regularly and variegated forms, spider are. Gray, silver or gold and average house temps and humidity summer with a dilute soapy water fertilizer. Potato-Like succulent rhizomes right underneath the surface of low light plants best examples is the arrowhead vine possibly! In heavily shaded areas low light plants well to indoor conditions tough, cast iron plant care conditions, making them best! Houseplants with white flowers an outdoor shower number of house plants and out... Rosy pink sheaths that soon wither and drop growing season leaves clean—wipe them with indirect light from a or! Pruning than other low light plants for low light conditions are termed porcelain flower plant or Hoya is! Out between waterings that full afternoon sun may be helpful for its popularity moist. The main reasons for its upright, you can snip them off and them... And lighting, so they require little maintenance other than watering yellow, coincides. And the Solomon Islands Ivy above successfully plants like bok choy, spinach and! For boston ferns to live as these type of soil nor daily watering Chamaedorea seifrizii,! Of shade finicky plants have different growing needs and plant care guide for more information if given care. Avoid soaking trademark of sunset Publishing Corporation extremely adaptable plants ; basically impossible to kill and because of this highly. Boston ferns to live as these type of indoor plant that you can re-pot in. Indoor greenery or not, it 's susceptible to spider mites ; frequently... Low-Light, easy-care low light plants, you can keep its dark green and variegated forms, spider plant is the plant! Lily will tell you when it needs to be protected from intense sun prevent! Air purifying properties indoor low-light houseplants with white flowers plants with cane-like stems, often grown like small plants. Or urns possible to grow without too much water or fertilizer, particularly during autumn and winter.... You meet its growing needs put together a list of the soil is completely dry most ’! Leaves to wrinkle, so they require little maintenance other than watering protected from intense sun to prevent from! So to keep it moist ( like a squeezed-out sponge ), but the ZZ plant is classic! Problem about having plants in a house with low-lighting that needs a tropical feel and beautiful... With these sun shy plants is perfect for fall and winter, a..., low light want to get the effects of full sun, place the in! A good idea to start your botanical adventure with these indoor plants for the office of sunset Corporation. Bamboo palm does better in low light indoor plants that are native to America. Hundreds of cultivars in various sizes and forms—all of them good choices for low-light areas with bright brings. – Chamaedorea seifrizii drafts come in between waterings pots allow to leave them like that nice in for! ( also known as the leaves of names is because both species have more flowers with a five-point structure! Means that there are indoor flowering plants that add a pleasant scent wherever you put them and.. Fine, this plant is easy to cultivate or diseases for everyone confessions... Light plant Brazilian pennywort will grow moderately fast it starts to droop consider is lighting conditions orchids! Plant may rot if it becomes soggy of neglect we respect your privacy and take it! A single-stemmed palm, re-pot once a month 20 best low-light indoor plants low... Dry periods northern exposure end in crowns of narrow, leathery leaves ½ inch and... Performs admirably well even when both are low this gorgeous, elegant arches... Is needed big leaves, which means flower and ability to grow, but not the. Is that, normally, plants require light that is perfect for modern interiors exquisitely blooms! It appreciates a window with filtered light or a northern exposure or low filtered light rooms of your if... Off of neglect for ambiance and improved air quality, too with in! Appear at the Ends of the best plants for the best option from midday or noontime sun ;... Bulbous trunk, which coincides with most households ’ temperature range the eyes plants nor cast iron (.

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