In a new interview, Somers opened up […] That is WILD! Harron Walker. In the crazy world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find a couple that is actually able to stand the test of time and create a long-lasting union. Note to readers: The incident happens at the 40:21 mark on the video. Actually having a scandal is not a new thing in Suzanne Somers life because she often speaks freely of anything inside her mind, so it often creates a lot of controversies in her life which blown up to a big scandal. Saturday Night Social: Suzanne Somers' Home Intrusion Video Is a Modern Camp Masterpiece. Suzanne Somers Before And After Plastic Surgery. Suzanne Somers has hinted that her fractured hip may be a sex injury from her twice-a-day love-making sessions with her 83-year-old husband, Alan Hamel. “We give one another a variety of consideration. When it comes to being sexy, age is just a number—and Suzanne Somers has proved that this week. That appears easy, however you’d be amazed at what number of {couples} don’t keep in mind to … The previous Step By Step star was doing a Fb livestream make-up tutorial at her Palm Springs, California … Actress, writer, and spokeswoman Suzanne Somers gently confronted a naked intruder who showed up while doing a makeup tutorial from Palm Springs, Calif. At home, 74-year-old Somers beamed. Whoa! Suzanne Somers’ beauty, fitness, home cleaning supplies! Organic Skincare, Body Care, Clean Makeup, Anti-Aging Cream and Serum! However credit score to Suzanne Somers for protecting her cool in such a bizarre and unsure state of affairs. Gluten-Free, Made in America. Suzanne Somers has been married to Alan Hamel for more than 40 years — and he or she opened up in regards to the secret to their longevity. Suzanne Somers captures the bizarre moment an INTRUDER enters her Palm Springs property during a Facebook Live broadcast By Sam Joseph Semon For Published: 21:29 GMT, 6 February 2021 | Updated: 21:29 GMT, 6 February 2021 Suzanne Somers managed to capture the moment an intruder … Suzanne Somers managed to capture the moment an intruder entered her property during a Facebook Live video on Friday evening. Did Suzanne Somers Have Plastic Surgery? Related: Eminem Bravely Confronts And Fights Off Home Intruder! Actress Suzanne Somers had a most unusual encounter Friday evening while broadcasting her Facebook Live makeup tutorial and sale. Loving the one she’s with! That’s what makes the 44 year marriage of former “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel so special!

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