Thanks!! Buying an … Our professionals are here to help make sure … Yes, I recommend. Simplifying the 2004 BMW 325i Reviews & Ratings Read real experiences from 2004 BMW 325i owners like you. I am in love with this car!! 11/14/12. Great performance never fails when you push the accelerator. Faster, comes with everything, handles just as well, not as pricey and more reliable. ... pros/cons ect.. Just because someone likes the Porsche handling doesnt mean that they have to push the limit of the car to enjoy the overall feel of the car. I originally was unsure of the tight performance steering, but that ended up being my favorite part about the car! Other BMW 3-Series (1998 - 2006) models: 3-Series M3 Convertible Thanks. In 2006, BMW upgraded the 645i to a 650i by increasing the engine a little. ... Green 1997 BMW 540i (Sold) Black 1993 BMW 325i (Sold) Gold 1993 BMW 525i (Sold) Save Share. I have done regular maintenance. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. BMW's least expensive U.S. car, the $30,995 325i. The quality and placement of the cup holders is very disappointing. Get your answers by asking now. Pros: Performance, drive experience Cons: Reliability, cost to own. Doesn't give me any sort of problem at all. Pros and Cons on BMW 325i.....Any advice or Headsup on this Car before I buy...What's good about this cars and what is the bad thing about the 325i… my budget is 6k. But gas is really expensive due to the fact that it only uses premium gas. ... 2006 Cadillac XLR-V Blends Power and Class. All-new for 2006, the BMW 3 Series enters its fifth generation as a sedan or Touring wagon. Other than those couple things I really do love my car. Driving Manual/Standard/5speed, can the clutch prematurely fail? If one sensor goes out it's expensive and will not run period. anyone with experiences with this? Nobody can deny the unmatched eminence of car’s interior that you can find in every model. You don't get many issues, but when you do it is pretty expensive to replace or fix something so you have to keep that in mind as well. Looking locally, they are consistently around the $4500 CAD mark. ... selling 2006 bmw 325i for $4000 as … It's expensive to maintain. Their needs to be more BMW dealers in my area most parts stores don't stock parts I have to order them and wait, Very comfortable, problem with rear view mirrors over extending. Besides that the top had no inner linen. 325i xDrive 218 hk 7.2 s 4WD 8.1 l 99.5K:-153 328i 233 hk 6.5 s 2WD 10.7 l N/A 20 328i xDrive 233 hk N/A 4WD N/A N/A 4 328i 234 hk N/A 2WD N/A N/A 2 328xi 234 hk … I've owned it for over a year and haven't had any issues. Reply. Read what real owners of 2006 BMW 5-Series are saying about their 5 The vehicle drives beautifully, smooth ride, quick response, corners very well at multiple speeds. I drive a 2006 BMW 3 series. Locking lug nuts. The interior is beautiful and very luxurious. Buying features that improve overall ride also improves performance in dangerous conditions. Sami says: Very fun car to drive, handles great on curves and straight roads, decent power for a medium size engine like the 325i.. maintenance could hurt your bank account if you dont know where to get the parts from and if you have no idea how to work on cars yourself. I love this BMW 325i. It's extremely comfortable. Here are the pros and cons of the car: Pros Expensive to fix. this was … never has broken down 66,000 miles. S P T O N F S O 0 R E D Y Y 2 N Q Q 6 T. Fits 2006 - 2007 BMW 330xi Headlight Passenger Side (CAPA) Type - (Fits: 2006 BMW 325i) Brand New. What would be some pros and cons of both. Still have questions? Someone said the "Fuel Consumption is slightly high" So what! I honestly can say that i absolutely love this car very deeply. The 265-hp 3.0L turbodiesel was added for 2009; however, the diesel models are rare. The car has bothe the premium package and sport package alomg with some other extras. This will be my first car. It looks very impressive. my budget is 6k. I'm getting ready to buy an 06 325i, but am interested in what are pros and cons on the car. I own a silver 2006 BMW 325i Sedan 3.0L I6. Here is the response from bmw of north America regarding the iPod integration with the 06 3 series: ".....Thank you for contacting BMW of North America, LLC regarding your 2006 BMW 325i. 1; 2; Next. I DID SOME RESEARCH ON BMW AND THE E46 MODEL READING PROS AND CONS CONCERNING MAINTAINANCE COST/REPAIR COST AND NEVER HAVING OWNED, DRIVEN, OR WORKED ON A BMW, I DIDN'T AND JUST FINISHED ALL BODY WORK PRIMERED AND READY TO PAINT, THAT I WAS GOING TO GIVE MY SON ANYWAY, FOR THE 2003 325I E46 BMW! It gives a specific point of view what I have not had any major issues. Parts are fairly priced for a upper level car. This was NOT on a public road, this was a closed off area. If maintained though excellent car. An interesting detail is how nice the car is. Weve found pros and cons on this type of That one has a $100 deductible at the local BMW dealer. BMW 3-Series Coupe (1999 - 2006) in-depth review. CRITICAL Pros and Cons?!!? It's so sporty and cute and love the smooth ride. you cant take it to any shop has to be bmw authorized shop. 2006 Bmw 325i Reliability - BMW Picture Collection. My BMW is comfortable and stylish to drive. If you too are about to buy the used BMW, finding out the pros and cons of buying a used BMW is vital. this is the 1 i found: 2006 BMW 3 SERIES 325I. Go. BMW 3 Series Saloon stalling issues: extensive recall announced in 2018 Shortly after an investigation by BBC's Watchdog consumer advice show, a sizeable recall - including petrol- and diesel-engined 3 Series models built between March 2007 and August 2011 - was announced in May 2018. so im looking to own my first bmw. Minivans and anything with a V6 ( i6) are going to have slighty higher MPG's. Also maintainence is a concerning issue for me. i did some research on bmw and the e46 model reading pros and cons concerning maintainance cost/repair cost and never having owned, driven, or worked on a bmw, i didn't know if it was wise to buy a used bmw or not but i found a 2003 325i e46 sedan, titan silver paint, auto trans that the owner wanted to trade for a truck and i knew my son really wanted a bmw … At that point, we traded the pair of 2001's in for a 2006 X3 and a 2006 330Xi. so im looking to own my first bmw. 2006 bmw 325i fuel pump replacement. 28 mpg on highway. The performance on these cars are great for the average joe looking to get a well designed sports car. Once one thing breaks everything breaks and it's expensive to fix. Also, It Is a pretty well product for the price. Just go read some reviews by car owners. Bimmerforums is the preferred online BMW Forum and community for BMW owners. It also looks nice! Very rarely used dealer for service due to high prices, but very rarely had any problems. BMW 330d e46 - pros and cons Discussion in 'Motors' started by squarehead94, 27 Dec 2013. Asking price on both is $22.9 They come with a 1 month, 1000 warrenty, but I will not buy it without the $2300 4 year/50000 mile warrenty. the other car you should look at is the Acura TSX. My friend says it’s not really a nice car and the color is weird. View the 2006 BMW 3 Series recall information and find service centers in your area to perform the recall repair. Order online today! it wont beat many cars 0-60 but few cars can handle turns like begs to be driven hard. I feel like I am gliding when I drive it. I would highly recommend it. I love how smooth my car drives. it went thru routine maintenance thru a BMW authorized dealer every 6 months. I often don't use them at all because of this. I love how smooth it drives and how quickly it takes off. The diesel-powered 2009 BMW 335d is rated at 23/36 … The stereo system really stands out for an older model as well. PROs: i still love my baby, sports package with F1 eagles. Never cheap to fix, it's always a part connected to something else so the whole thing needs to be replaced. Kind of on the expensive side. Pros and Cons for Five Common Jeep Modifications If you’ve done any research into modifying your Jeep, you’ve surely come across the same… The Pros and Cons of Going Hybrid I owned a 1992 BMW 325i convertible, it almost looked like the car in this image: As you can see, the rear window is made out of plastic. Other than that it is a great car. if i were you, i would go for it. 2006 BMW 5-Series Consumer Reviews - Rating: Best Pick - Consumers rated 2006 BMW 5-Series in the top 7% of 2006 model year vehicles. Temperature gauge is not moving to middle mark on gauge . ? 2006 BMW 3-Series Pros and Cons A member in California, United States stay away from run flat tires that is the worst idearnVery expensive and useless when you are on a long trip. 2 Answers. Very comfortable and smooth ride. What are the difference between a BMW 320i e36 and BMW 325i e36, Does the 325 engine offer much more power than the 320 engine, what are the Pros and Cons of each one, Thanks Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their … Comfortable. so im looking to own my first bmw. 9 2004 BMW 325i owners reviewed the 2004 BMW 325i with a rating of 3.8 overall out of 5. Manufacturer's report date 11/12/13 Component AIR BAGS Summary BMW of North America LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2006 325i, 325xi, 330i, 330xi sedans and 325xi sports wagons, model year 2007 328i, 328xi, 335i, 335xi sedans and 328i and 328xi sports wagons, model year 2006-2007 525i, 525xi, 530i, 530xi, 550i sedans and 530xi sports wagons, model year 2006 760i … Leather cracks. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster. Have not had many issues with this car except a dying battery. I drive an all wheel drive stick shift car and it's really great, I have great control and it drives great in the snow. Selling as is, I do not take any responsibility for it being road safe. My self i would go for a japanese make ie nissan toyota honda. All years 2016 2015 2014 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 ... 2008 BMW 3-Series Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2008 BMW 335i Cabrio by lcchristens Member140 0 Sign in or join to like this review. It's a very sleek car and looks newer rather than older. Fixes are costly. Very dependable and gets good fuel mileage. How much do it cost to get a new cadillac converter for a 2012 BMW 7 series? It seems to have issues at least 3 times are year and I'm out a car for a week or so. Acura TSX will not handle as well. Thanks!! Pros & Cons Superb driving dynamics, world-class drivetrains, highly advanced safety systems, dizzying array of features, sumptuous furnishings. They are hard to find and always need to be orderedrnA spare tire is 100% … BMW won't exactly admit that the 7-series introduced in 2002 suffered from a face only a mother could love, a rear end only Marc Anthony could get used to … Im new member of the forum. Put the top … you will always go faster then u realize so equip it with radar. Is this car cool? It drives great, very smooth and stiff. Read our experts' views on the engine, practicality, running costs, overall performance and more. About to buy a 2006 bmw 325i?? this is the 1 i found: 2006 BMW 3 SERIES 325I. it has had 1 owner and it has a clean car fax with no accidents reported. All cars break down and none are an investment. When talking about the pros of used BMW, how can we … Half the time you don't even realize how fast your going it's so smooth. These minor problems were easily resolved. The only dif between 06-07 is tire pressure monitoring system. If you find a dealer that has some 2006 new models left you can pick them up for around $25000. The leather seats really give the car luxurious look and comfortable feel. I'm looking for blunt, honest, and critical answers. The BMW 3 Series lineup includes the 325i and 330i sedans, the 325xi all-wheel-drive sedan and wagon, the 330xi all-wheel-drive sedan, and coupe and convertible versions of the 325Ci and 330Ci. Bmw Suv Bmw E90 Coupe E90 Bmw Bmw Cars New Bmw 3 Series Bmw E90 Coupe E90 Bmw Bmw Cars New Bmw 3 Series I'm throughout impressed by the quality of the car even though it's a used car and an older model. Smooth ride. Introduction. - WHAT ARE THE PROS N CONS OF OWNING A 330i bmw? I do gave some small issues with it. It gets to speed quickly without making you feel like you are getting jerked around like in other vehicles i've been in. Pros/Cons of an e46 323i/325i? No problems performance is wonderful comfort it is a little small but leather is very comfortable have good features as well like drive time lighting automatically comes on depending on your location and weather the tires handle the road very well sunroof is very awesome in this car this cup holders they can be positioned a little better because their position right over the passenger's leg area so they do not have very much room when you pull out the cup holders but I like the way that they're inserted into the dash but they could have moved him over a little towards the middle console so wouldn't be in someone else's weight but overall the car is wonderful it is awesome I love it.

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